Liliana Bakayoko is President of the Association of Francophone Attorneys.

The AAF is an independent and non-profit-making legal person that carries on an activity of general interest. It has a vocation to bring together French-speaking lawyers who are willing to promote the Francophonie and contribute to the evolution of the law.

Among the main missions of the AAF is the pursuit of the following objectives:

the development and valorization of civil society, citizen participation and good regulation;

the development and valorization of moral values, education, science and culture;

the realization and encouragement of exchanges of information on the content and practical
application of the regulations in France, Bulgaria and other Member States of the French-
speaking community;

the active involvement of lawyers, for the purpose of achieving international cooperation and
facilitating the development of all forms of professional and cultural events involving lawyers
practicing in France, Bulgaria and other Member States of the French-speaking community;

the encouragement of the establishment and implementation of good European practices in the
area related to the exercise of the profession of lawyer;

the formulation of proposals to modify the regulations;

the encouragement of the evolution of legal norms.

The Association of Francophone Attorneys numbers among its partners the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For more information, please visit the AAF’s website https://aaf-avocats.com.